Josh Allen, MS - Research Associate ( )

Josh Allen has been associated with the Fly Casting Institute since 2005, working with the motion-capture sessions and subseqent anaylses. Josh received his Master’s Degree in Biomechanics at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman in 2006. Josh’s thesis research at MSU was titled “Upper Extremity Kinematics of Fly Casting”. Currently, Josh is working toward a licensed certificate in Orthotics through Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

Grunde Løvoll, Ph.D. - Research Associate ( )

Dr. Grunde Løvoll works in the Advanced Materials and Complex Systems Group at the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo in Norway. In addition to his core university studies (focusing on multiphase flow in porous media), Dr Løvoll also researches fly-casting via high-speed video imaging and computer analysis. Dr. Løvoll's association with the FCI centers on better understand the physics/mechanics surrounding the fly cast.

J.C. Weida, MS, ATC - Rehab Associate ( )

J.C. Weida is a Certified Athletic Trainer (16 years) and a faculty member in theDepartment of Health and Human Performance (12 years) at the University of Montana - Missoula. His work with athletes in various sports, in various settings has given J.C. a broad background in injury prevention and rehabilitation. J.C. provides the FCI’s clients with a range of individually tailored exercise regimens for fly casting.

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